Tomsk wooden horse and its new friends

Bright positive horses – a souvenir symbol of the city – are now in the most stylish places of Tomsk. A new partner of the brand […]

Tomsk wooden horse seeks and finds new friends!

Tomsk wooden horse seeks and finds new friends! Now you can buy horses in the Mosaico Family boutique. Bright cheerful horses choose partners for themselves with […]

From the 5th of July the Brichkin Way exhibition has been opened at the Tomsk Museum of Slavic Mythology.

The exhibition features about 300 authentic exhibits telling about the “Chariot Route”: from a lumberjack to a carpenter, a horse carriage, a blacksmith, a saddler and […]

The crew from A to Z: opening of the local history exhibition «The Brichkin Way»

Every Russian person is familiar with the words from the songs «Here comes the mail troika», «Coachman, do not drive horses», «The bell is ringing monotonously». […]

How are these little masterpieces created?

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Are postcards a fresh trend?

Recently the printing house has released a circulation of postcards with images of a Tomsk wooden horse. There are 12 types of cards by the number […]

How are these little masterpieces created?

The most beautiful things in the world are made easily if they bring joy to the master in the process of their creation. In our «horse» […]

Handmade vs mass production

Humanity in its civilization development has passed many stages regarding the technology improvement. Initially, all things were made only with the help of manual labor, because […]

What does feng shui think about horses?

The horse as an animal and a symbol has long been treated in many cultures with deep respect. It was associated with strength, speed, endurance and […]