A horse is a unique souvenir

from the Tomsk region

It is the horse that can be called a symbol of our region. The horse has adorned the coat of arms of Tomsk for several hundred years, and from the end of the 19th century the coat of arms of the Tomsk province as well. Horses played an important role in its formation as one of the largest trade and transport centers of Siberia. On the coat of arms of the Tomsk region the horse continues to be a central element.

Tomsk horse is an author’s thing created in the spirit of folk traditions. It is made from the Siberian cedar – a visiting card of our region.

All horses are made entirely by hand by Tomsk craftsmen and artists. For the model of the product “Tomsk wooden horse” there has been received the copyright certificate.




Material – cedar


Author’s painting


Craftsmen from Tomsk


The unique number for each item



5 sizes for every taste

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The horses have five sizes: 16 cm, 13 cm, 10 cm, 7 cm, 4 cm. Each of them can be presented as a gift, and can also be included in the package consisting from two to five horses in one box.

Each horse is accompanied by a certificate with an individual number.

In the form of a small red book it is located on its neck.

In the last page of the certificate there is a number which is written in the “window”.

If you enter it in the test field on the website you can find out who of the masters made and painted your horse.

Each horse is hand-painted

Tomsk horses have three main types of painting:

A HORSE WITH “TOMSK PATTERN” — drawings based on the decor of wooden architecture of Tomsk

A HORSE WITH a “BOUQUET” URAL-SIBERIAN PAINTING — drawings with elegant floral compositions. This type of brush painting is common in the Urals and in Western Siberia.

A HORSE WITH ETHNIC SIBERIAN  ORNAMENT — drawings based on ornamental traditions of the peoples of the south of Western Siberia.

Each horse is unique. Even the same craftsman or artist cannot create two identical models.


Tomsk painting


«Bouquet» Ural-Siberian painting


Ethnic Siberian ornament

Production time

Typical items of horses are presented in large numbers in the catalogue.

If you’d like to order it will take one day to make 5-10 horses, a week to make 25-50 (depending on the size and type of painting).

Individual horses: 2 days for sketches, 2 days for the creation of a test model, coordination with the customer + time for production.

Horses made for special events

Horses can be typical (they are presented on the website) or created for various events (made individually).

Individual horses: 2 days for sketches, 2 days for the creation of a test model, coordination with the customer + time for production.


A gift set with a horse and a book

* Price for a box and a horse

A gift set with a horse and a book

* Price for a box and a horse

A New Year gift set

* Price for a set

A gift for the participant of the project «Suitcase of stories»

* Price for a horse

An individual gift on order

* Price for a set

Twin horses - a wedding present


A designer horse in contemporary art style


A series of “Gray” horses for the year of the Mouse 2020


Gifts for the representatives of embassies of different countries during their visit to Tomsk


A horse in the colors and logo of the Tomsk Marathon 2019

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